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The Dowells group of companies is a providor of building and construction services to the public and commercial sectors.

Our mission is to grow our business by taking care to identify - then consistantly meet - the expectations, needs and requirements of our customers and other interested parties. We aim to achieve high levels of customer service satisfaction within a commerically successful operation that maintains legal compliance and offers a satisfying place to work.

We believe that the key to sucess in this regard is our management system - which is based on the international quality standard - ISO 9001:2015. Our system ensures that effective controls and consistently applied to our work process and provides a record of our quality-related products.

We are committed to maintaining and continually improving this system. All employees and suppliers are invitied and expected to share in this commitment. We have allocated sufficient resources to ensure that quality remains the heart of our business.

Any suggestions that may assist us to achieve our aims are welcomed.

This policy and out IMS will be regularly reviewed by senior management to ensure continued effectiveness and improvement.

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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

The  Dowells group  of  companies are  committed to  environmental sensitivity in  our business  activities  of  providing building  and  construction services  to  the  public  and commercial sectors  and  to  the  long-term integration of  environmentally sustainable practices throughout our organization.

We will adopt strategies and embrace opportunities that arise from environmental, technological and social developments. Our objective is to work, lead, strategize and manage our offices and sites to provide a healthy working environment based on sustainable and energy efficient principles.

The sustainable design, construction and operational practices within Dowells structures are aimed at ensuring we consistently achieve or exceed recognized energy, water and waste management   benchmarks   that   have   a   direct   or   indirect   impact   on   the   environment.

As evidence of this commitment, we will:

  • Integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and operations to prevent pollution, minimize other negative impacts, and generate positive outcomes where possible.
  • Implement  an  environmental  management  system  that  is  based  on  the  ISO  14001:2015 international standard, which is designed to guide the progress and continuous improvement in the area or sustainability, and is appropriate to the significant environmental aspects of our activities, products and services, and their impacts
  • Meet our legal and other compliance obligations.
  • Monitor and measure key elements of our environmental performance, and seek to continuously improve outcomes, especially for the utilization and production of energy, water and waste.
  • Set objectives for environmental performance improvement and risk reduction.
  • Provide workers with information, supervision and training to help them make environmentally sound decisions.
  • Empower workers and associates to implement sustainable work processes.
  • Ensure that the construction and operation of our projects meets specified life cycle and sustainability requirements
  • Communicate information regarding our environmental management system to interested parties via our web site and other means.

This policy and our Environmental Management System will be regularly reviewed by senior management to ensure its continued effectiveness.



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Health & Safety Policy

The health & safety of everyone at our workplaces is our highest priority.

To that end, we have established and implemented a management system based on the requirements of the AS/ANZ 4801:2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards for Occupational Health & Safety. The system has been developed in consultation with our workers and their representatives. We will both maintain and continually improve that system.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace - preventing work-related injury or ill-health.

We are committed to fulfil our legal requirements and other compliance obligations.

We will identify, assess, and take action to eliminate health and safety hazards and minimise risks to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

We will promptly investigate any reported hazard, incident, near miss or nonconformity and undertake the necessary actions as soon as possible.

As  the  senior  executive  I  take  overall  responsibility  and  accountability  for  our  management system.  I  require  and  support  others  in  relevant  management  roles  to  demonstrate  their leadership as it applies to their own areas of responsibility. Specific Health & Safety responsibilities for each level of the organization are outlined in Job Descriptions.

All workers have a right to be consulted in this system and their participation is actively encouraged.

This policy will be communicated throughout our organization and will also be made available to all external interested parties. It will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to our organization and the specific nature of its OHS risks and opportunities.


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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Employment Policy

The Dowell Group of companies recognise and appreciate the knowledge, skills and experiences that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples bring to not only the workforce but also to the wider communities within which we interact.

We are committed to the positive creation of opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our Group of companies and we recognise the value and significance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in order to achieve and maintain a diverse, principled and ethical operation.

Dowells will implement initiatives to increase the ongoing representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons within its staffing structure and will provide support for Aboriginal and Torres  Strait Islander staff retention, training, mentoring and career development.

Dowells will implement culturally appropriate and socially relevant staff induction and training programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and their supervisors. Dowells will ensure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members are provided with appropriate and relevant mentoring support.

Dowells will where applicable, ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff may apply for and be granted cultural leave in appropriate circumstances, including leave for community obligations.

When operating in certain areas throughout Australia, Dowells will seek to collaborate with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the identification of relevant and appropriate areas within the Dowell Group of companies where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce positions may be developed.


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Equal Opportunities & Unlawful Harassment Policy

The Dowells group of companies has a duty of care for the right of all employee’s and external service providers to work in an environment that is harmonious and free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or any other “Unacceptable Conduct” in the workplace.

While engaging in works on the Organization’s projects, our employees and external service

providers should not be subjected to unacceptable conduct. We are committed to:

  • Treating all people with dignity and respect.
  • Providing employees, external service providers, clients and interested parties in the workplace with an environment free from any form of unacceptable conduct; and
  • Taking appropriate disciplinary action against any employee or external service provider who breaches this policy.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage acceptable conduct for all employees and external service providers.